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About Us

A small knitting business based in Edinburgh, founded by designer Ysolda Teague, selling knitting pattern pdfs, books and a carefully selected range of yarns and accessories.

We release patterns both individually and as collections.

Ysolda (she/her) is a designer, sizing and fitting enthusiast, illustrator, website wrangler and the one with more creative ideas than the rest of us can always keep up with (doesn’t stop us trying). Ysolda is another avid reader although it’s often too many books at once, and she loves exploring wild places with her family and having a garden for the first time.

Sarah (she/her) works in the dye studio while listening/dancing to pop music which balances her other role in the team: finance and ordering yarn. Occasionally Sarah needs reminding it’s for the store not her own personal wishes! Sarah also keeps the team in a steady supply of rhubarb and eggs as she is a grower and chicken keeper. She knows all the words to Steps songs.

Bex (she/her) is the team plant maven. Bex loves indoor plants and horticulture, reading and educating herself on the indigenous history of Turtle Island that she didn’t learn growing up in Canada. In the studio, Bex is the one who plans, organises, manages and oversees all our processes that go into pattern production, wholesale, retail and club.

Daniel (he/him) shares his time between working in Ysolda’s studio and pursuing his passion for music. Daniel particularly enjoys writing music and radio hosting. While at our studio, Daniel prepares customer orders, orders supplies and keeps on top of the store room.

Laura (she/her) is a designer, editor, number cruncher and problem solver at large. She works remotely from Canada and helps us with the numbers and pattern elements to get things fitting just right for multiple sizes. She’s also an avid cook and sci-fi reader.

Nuala (she/her) is from Ireland but has been in Edinburgh most of this century. She learnt to knit from her granny and school as a teen before the Internet and wishes the resources available to a keen knitter now had been available then. There were a lot of unfortunate intarsia projects during this time. She now loves doing pattern support and never gets tired of that moment when a customer says ‘Oh now I understand!’

Kate (she/her/ they/ them) is a Londoner who found her way to Scotland via rural Dorset. Kate has a love of photography and writing that means she’s found her place shooting lifestyle and pattern images and copy writing for the team. Kate is a sporadic knitter, an avid reader and is happiest when pottering in the garden or kitchen. Or asleep.

Rachel (she/her) is originally from Connecticut, US. Rachel’s roles at the studio include packing orders, organising things, Ysolda Club admin, and newsletter development. Outside of studio time, Rachel is an avid baker and cook, quilts and is involved in the folk dance community as a dancer and a teacher.  

Image of a sign that reads 'Ysolda Ltd welcomes our BIPOC, Trans, LGBTQ+, Disabled, Survivors, Neurodiverse Yarn Community. We Stand With You.