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Little Red in the City Errata

All relevant pdfs have been updated, so if you have an individual pattern pdf from the book or the ebook, they are up to date.


page 168

In the yoke directions where you are directed to “work to 1 st from marker, m1l, slm,” this should read:

- work to 1 st from marker, m1l, k1, slm


pages 208 and 211

I’m afraid there are a couple of small but crucial errors in the Lauriel pattern, these are:

- The number “U” was 2 stitches too large for all sizes, the correct numbers are 6, 12 and 18 depending on size.

- The ribbing for both cuffs had an extra purl stitch. The right cuff should begin “p1″ instead of “p2″ and the left cuff should end with “p1″, meaning the final part of that row should be “to 4 sts from end, k1tbl, p1, k1tbl, p1.”


page 188

There is an error with the placement of the underarm markers.  The row with instructions for separating the body and sleeve stitches should read:

Next row (RS): *work in patt to marker, remove marker, cable cast on Y ___ sts placing a marker between centre cast on sts, slip sleeve sts to next marker onto scrap yarn, remove marker, rep from * once more placing marker at second underarm 1 st before centre of cast on, work in patt to end. Z ___ sts.

The increase row under the directions for the body has a 'k1' missing.  It should read:

Inc row (RS): * work in patt to 1st before marker, m1l, k1, slm, k2, m1r, rep from * once, work in patt to end.

The increase row for the hood has a 'k1' missing. It should read:

Inc row: work in patt to 1 st before marker, m1l, k1, slm, k2, m1r, work in pattern to end.


tables on pages 218 to 231

-The column headings were off by one size and should start with size 32 ending with size 60.

page 222 

 -Under heading Yoke the third next row should read

Next row: work in patt to marker, slm, k to 16 sts before 2nd marker, w+t. 


page 250

- Size 38 is listed under both sets of sizes of sleeve directions for rnds 1-36 and should only be listed under the first set sleeve sizes.