June 21, 2016 by Sarah

Team Ysolda recently welcomed a new member - say hello to Nuala! For this week's Beautiful Projects post it was her pick, and she went for Cria. It's a sweater she's had the yarn ready for since trying on the original sample at Edinburgh Yarn Festival three years ago, and there are plans to cast on soon. Here are a few of my favourites that are making me want to add it to my own queue too...

I just love this version by Amber from Fancy Tiger Crafts, so stylish! You can read more about her sweater on the Fancy Tiger blog. (Photo copyright: Fancy Tiger Crafts)

The contrasting buttons on this Cria by FrlRolle work so perfectly, grey and yellow is such a great combination. There's more on her sweater on her blog here.

The body of Cria is a great canvas for experimenting with different stitch patterns and textures, like in this lovely example by Freddy.

Another perfect combination of colours with the contrasting buttons in Catbus's Cria, and a perfect fit too. 

I can't stop admiring the great colour of this Cria by whitehart, and another lovely fit.


June 14, 2016 by Sarah

Project pictures with pets are one of my most favourite things ever. My own pets though aren't that cooperative when the camera comes out, so I love it when others manage it. So for today, here are some very photogenic pets, and some gorgeous knitting too.

It was ChristalLittleK who inspired this post - along with other Follow Your Arrow knitters I loved seeing her progress photos, all with her gorgeous little bunny!

A great Vivian that looks as if it if would work with any outfit, knit by ContinentalCat. The sweet cat model looks as if they agree, or maybe they just want to claim that sweater as their own...

Awww! Tooti's cat Elling looks as if they approve of her goreous Ishbel.

Salinaknits made a gorgeous Cria, and her cat Mr Boys looks proud of it too!

Another beautiful Follow Your Arrow mystery shawl, knit this time by keyinherpocket. Her pup Emi is her favourite model.


Say hello to Nellie! Here she is modelling owner maggieblueberry's BFF cowl. (She has the same expression my own dog gives when wearing knitwear, I think they'd be well suited as best friends...)

Such a great kitty expression, BlossomingKnits cat Mimi certainly seems to like her knitted Stuffy!


June 07, 2016 by Sarah

It's lovely to see rainbows at any time but June in particular is great month for them as people all over the world celebrate LGBT Pride Month. And of course they frequently appear in knitting projects too, so for today, here are some great rainbow projects to admire!

Say hello to my new favourite Elijah! This one was knit by gingerknitja and is so adorable with his little rainbow body I keep going back to stare at it - such a clever version!

Cadeautje is also a great pattern to show off a rainbow of colours, and this pair made by jackiesmith is a great example. We have a tutorial too on working the thrums, you just need to use a rainbow of fibre to get the effect. Bex also wrote a post here on how she made her own pair.

Shawls are another fun way to try out a rainbow of colours, and the unusual shape of the Follow Your Arrow shawls (depending on which options you choose) can work really well. In chamaecyparis's project the short rows and change of knitting direction really show off those striking colours! 

Copyright: Jenny Richens

Copyright: Jenny Richens

I'm so glad that catbus knit a rainbow pair of Kaerlig mitts as I was so curious to see how it would. The mitts have a really unusual, but fascinating construction so a colour-changing pair was always going to be interesting to see, and to knit, and they turned out so well!


May 24, 2016 by Sarah

Socks are one of those projects that knitters like to grab as the weather gets warmer, since they're perfect for working on while travelling of for stuffing in your suitcase. An extra skein of sock yarn in your luggage just seems like a good insurance policy to me! And so for today I had a look at Hugni and Sherman projects, hopefully for something to inspire your travel knitting!

Sherman is a great sock pattern for knitters looking for something a little different... the shaping under the foot is like nothing I've knit before on a sock and really fun to work. This pair knit up by Melarno are a great example. 

A very cosy pair of toes, dressed up in Hugni knit by misspianoforte

This pair of Sherman were knit by crypto and the photo really shows off the foot shaping...

I keep going back to admire this project, a sweet pair of Hugni modified to fit a toddler! There are notes on elys717's project page if you'd like to try it too.

And a final pair of Sherman knit by deBedaare. Beautiful, simple cables in a perfect colour. 


May 17, 2016 by Sarah

There's nothing quite like a new knitter who's excited about their craft, and I have a friend who's learning the basics with the plan of making things for her daughter. Whenever I hear of people starting out with needles and yarn I always think of Ysolda's  Grown Up Booties pattern. It really is the perfect first project to master the knit stitch, some basic decreases and that's about it. And of course quick - you have an awesome pair of booties on your feet in no time! So for today, here are a few of my favourite modified pairs.

A truly wonderful pair, knit by mustaavillaa, I love everything about these - the contrasting colours, the button and little loop all work together so well.

A pair knit simply, but beautifully by mireo. This is a great pattern for a gradient yarn, especially if you can get them to match like this!

Felting is something I haven't done much of, but its such a great idea for slippers or anything that gets a lot of hard wearing. This pair were knit by knittyanj, love the buttons too!

I really like this pair, knit by pacasha. The stripes work really well and grey and red is such a classic combination!


May 10, 2016 by Sarah

Something about picot edgings make me think of warmer weather, and they're not just for shawls. It might take a little bit of time but the effect is so lovely, and I had to have a look through the projects where knitters clearly love it too!

Copyright: SarahJessicaImages

Copyright: SarahJessicaImages

SarahJessicaW's lovely Liesl was made for her daughter Indigo Rain. The picot edging is given as an option in the pattern and it works so nicely with the feather and fan lace, this project is a great example!

Such a cheery Scroll Lace Scarf! This version made by haloroundmyhead is gorgeous and shows how a picot edging can balance out a shaped shawl edging.

Say hello to our friend Mel, or notailkit on Ravelry! She made this Snow White a few years ago and everytime I see it I admire that lovely picot neckline...

And here's a modified Orchid Thief, knit by daisyknits. The pattern doesn't originally suggest a picot bind off but its such a great addition to the edging.


And finally, a stunning pair of Veyla mitts, knit by JenSchroll. Her project page shares that she added a picot to the top of the mitts 'just for science.' Seems like a good reason to me!