September 29, 2015 by Sarah

Since I've not had the opportunity to go to Shetland Wool Week myself (yet!), I'm living it through those lucky enough to be there, and watching the #shetlandwoolweek tag on instagram. Today Ysolda taught a class on lace knitting at Jamieson and Smith, so I thought I'd showcase some of the beautiful projects you've made using their yarn. Their yarn is obviously perfect for colourwork, but wonderful for lace too.

A pair of Fiddler Mitts knitted by lorix5, in Jamieson and Smith 2ply Jumper Weight. She's used colours 82 and FC50 - stunning!

This is Sugarleaf by Mary Heather Cogar, published in The Rhinebeck Sweater, and beautifully knitted by Boupaoline in colours 54 and 1280.

This Coraline really shows off the heathery colours through the yarn - it was knitted by Josiane in colour FC38.

Cute!! This little mousie was made by TheBon for a birthday present, in colours 54 and 95.

Subknits Cria is another example of how amazing this yarn can look in stocking stitch. It looks warm and cosy but light at the same time.

Pops has warm arms! This is one of her Farinelli mitts from pattern published in Twist Collective. Ysolda knit up a fingerless version too in case you don't need full knitted fingers!

I just love the colours Laura Brehaut chose for her wee Chickadee - 202 as the main body colour, and 1284, 366 and FC56 for the contrast. Beautiful button choice too!


September 28, 2015 by Sarah

A ribbed and cabled beanie with a brim that can be worked deep enough to fold over and pull down over your ears or left shorter for a cleaner look. Cables grow out of the ribbing with a simple cross that travels across the rib to form four bold triangles around the hat.

Shaping is worked neatly into the pattern with pairs of ribs and rope cables coming together at the crown.

Add a pom-pom to up the cute factor or leave it off to highlight the architectural lines of the crown.

Knit in worsted weight yarn this is a quick, satisfying project. The samples shown are knit in Brooklyn Tweed Shelter in the Cinnebar and Sweatshirt colourways, but it could easily be knit in a smoother yarn to give a crisper texture.

Three sizes are provided and each is charted separately for a user friendly knitting experience.

The lovely photos were taken up in Shetland, where Ysolda is teaching at Shetland Wool Week, and it sounds like Cúram is getting a lot of use!

Cúram is the third pattern in the Knitworthy 2 collection and is currently only available to subscribers. You can find out more about it and purchase a subscription here. 


September 22, 2015 by Sarah

The leaves on the tree outside my office window are starting to turn and its definitely cooler in the evenings. Although I knit all year round, autumn is the time of year that I get even more excited about it than usual! There is so much to inspire knitters in this season, but here's some beautiful projects in stunning autumn colours to make you feel cosy as the temperature starts to drop.

This picture couldn't possibly be more is Selkie's ridiculously cute Elijah. Her project notes have tips on the sweater illusion and adding a tail.

This is Ginny Sheller's beautiful Scroll Lace Scarf. She's written about it on her blog here and you can read more about the yarn on her project page.

Mslindz's Snapdragons....from Ysolda's Snapdragon Flip-top mittens pattern, without the flip-tops! This is such a simple but effective modifcation, and a good one to go for if you're a little short on yarn.

Amazing Strokkur colour combinations just keep cropping up! This is nenakokopelli's Strokkur. I just love that pop of blue, as also seen in...

NikkiFB's Pyukkleen from last year's Knitworthy gift-a-long. I'm positive this will be inspiring some colourwork projects of my own soon.

And finally, agnessenciel's stunning Skelf, from Little Red in the City. Such a beautiful colour!


September 15, 2015 by Sarah

We have a little bit of a yoke obsession at the moment. Ysolda's Yokes pinterest board is full of incredible things if you're looking for some inspiration for autumn knitting. 

We keep noticing though how many beautiful Strokkur projects there are. With just three colours its the perfect design to play around with different combinations, especially if you're new to substituting colours in colourwork patterns. Though Felicity's Ford's guest blog post on Choosing Colours is a great help with this too.

We've chosen just a few of our favourites, but have a look at the full showcase of Strokkur projects on Ravelry - it's so inspiring and is making me want to add another version to my wardrobe for the winter.

From left to right:

tintallie's Strokkur - using Ístex Létt Lopi in 58 Dark Grey Heather, 1404 Glacier Blue Heather and 54 Ash Heather
fruitbat's Strokkur - using Ístex Létt Lopi in 9429 Berry Heather, 54 Ash Grey and 1406 Spring Green Heather
juliempromtue's Strokkur - using Jamieson and Smith Shetland Aran in 3 Ss (gray), 72 Ss (yellow) and Berry

From left to right:

egdirb's Honeymoon Strokkur - using Ístex Létt Lopi in 57 Grey Heather, 54 Ash Heather and 5 Black Heather
emilystraw's Strokkur - using Ístex Létt Lopi
gourockgal's Strokkur - using Rico Design Essentials Soft Merino Aran in 94 Dark Grey, 81 Beige and 7 Brick Red
smurphy2's Strokkur - using Ístex Létt Lopi in 54 Ash Heather, 1404 Glacier Blue Heather and 58 Dark Grey Heather

From left to right:

maijaa's Baltic Winter - using Ístex Létt Lopi in 51 White, 1404 Glacier Blue Heather and 9423 Lagoon Heather
mandarines Strokkur - using Ístex Létt Lopi in 9427 Rust Heather, 58 Dark Grey Heather and 54 Light Ash Heather
MNknitter's Strokkur - using Peace Fleece Worsted in Antartica White, Moscow Magic Pink and Perestroika Pink
stickarsara's Strokkur - using Ístex Létt Lopi in Turquoise 1404, 58 Dark Grey Heather and 54 Light Ash Heather

Note: There's quite a bit of variation in the colour names as listed on Ravelry, but for references to Ístex Létt Lopi here the colours have been listed as shown on the Ístex website.


September 14, 2015 by Ysolda Teague

Fingerless mitts for the whole family with an interesting construction method that follows the shape of the hand. Simple rib and garter stitch highlight the architectural lines and show off the subtle depth of semi-solid yarns. Using only a small amount of yarn they’re an excellent way to use up leftover sock yarn.

Lace, cables, brioche — I love to play with stitch patterns, the more intricate the better, but it still amazes me how much beauty can be found in nothing but knit and purl. (Ok, so there are a few decreases and slipped stitches in here too). The cuff is worked first and then the garter stitch for the back of the hand, which is added with a provisional cast on, decreases across the live cuff sts. Halfway around each row incorporates the garter from the back of the hand and the cuff sts that grow up the thumb, set at an angle a decrease that follows the contours of the hand. 

As the palm and thumb base are worked they're joined to the released provisional cast on sts, with another column of slip st decreases that defines the garter stitch edge. 

A tiny kite shape gusset joins the remaining hand stitches together and ends up in exactly the right place to complete the thumb — no stitches put on hold. It also makes these ideal for all kinds of activities, I know I usually reach for fingerless mitts versus gloves or mittens when I want to use my hands! Slipped stitch I-cord like edging is one of my favourite finishes for garter stitch. Here it's a lovely rounded way to finish the hand edge and the gusset allows it to be nice and snug, but not too tight. 

Kærlig is the second pattern in the Knitworthy 2 collection and is currently only available to subscribers. You can find out more about it and purchase a subscription here. 


September 08, 2015 by Sarah

As you've all hopefully seen Knitworthy 2 has begun! Although I realise working for Ysolda makes me a little biased, I am incredibly excited about this as without last year's Knitworthy no-one in my family would have got any Christmas presents. I managed to make six of the eight projects but started gifting them before all the patterns had been released so I wasn't able to gather all my knitworthy projects together. Some people did though, and the resulting piles of knitting make me feel all warm and cosy.

This is IsabelES's incredible collection of knitting and love. Pictured are Bronntanas, Opari, Cadeautje, Dovana, Hediye, another pair of Cadeautje, Polkon, Mitbringsel and Pyukkleen.

I hope mostgladly kept a pair of slippers for herself! Her magnificent pile includes Pyukkleen, Bronntanas, Opari, Hediye and three very cosy looking pairs of Cadeautje.

These stunning Pyukkleen cowls were knit by julieti and are a great inspiration if you're not sure about choosing colours for colourwork.

And it's not too late to join us for Knitworthy 2! The first pattern, Liebevoll, has been released and I'm determined to finish mine before the next pattern arrives on Monday. 

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