Closed ring cable increases and decreases used in Liebevoll

My newest pattern, Liebevoll, features cables worked sideways, using a technique Barbara Walker described as Closed Ring Cables. These are fun and easy to work but the charts to include a few increase and decrease symbols you might not have come across before. 

Here are a few very simple videos if you’d like a visual of how they’re worked. 

The 4 into 1 increase

Cabled decreases

These are a like a standard 4 stitch cable smooshed together with a decrease. There’s a bit of rearranging of stitches involved but the results are really smooth, with the decrease less visible than it is if you work a standard cable with a decrease on the following row. I prefer to work them without a cable needle so both options are shown. 

With a cable needle

Without a cable needle

The 1 into 4 decrease