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April 26, 2019

Over the last few months, we’ve added a range of books aimed at both new plant parents but also those existing growers who want to learn more. From choosing your perfect plant match, learning how to nurture them as they grow and ideas for styling them at work and home, we’ve got you covered. We particularly enjoyed books like Root Nurture Grow by Caro Langton and Rose Ray that have a social element to them that encourage sharing of baby plants. Sharing something we’ve started doing as a team, mostly to justify our plant love.  

image of 2 baby succulents in a pot held by a light skinned hand with an anchor tattoo by the thumb.

The plant community is a regular rabbit hole that team members Bex and Kate like to fall down on Instagram so we thought a roundup of some of our favourite plant accounts was in order. Look out for extra cross over knitters in the plant community. It’s one of our favourite middle points of any craft diagram: where growers and knitters meet. 

image of a man in a cut off tshirt with text reading 'introverted but willing to discuss plants.' written on it. His face is obscured by a cap.

  • jrlefrancois  - Jonathon LeFrançois is a graphic designer by day and a plant lover we are constantly inspired by. We have a whole lot of time for his “introverted but willing to talk plants” tees too. Check out his online store for those!  
  • houseplantjournal - This account is run by Darryl Cheng, author of The New Plant Parent  We love Darryl’s approach to learning about light levels in your spaces, for your plants. This is a responsive approach that really feels loving and watching the impressive heights some of his plants have grown to is inspiring.  
wooden crates arranged as shelves filled with plants
  • jungleinaroom - Jennifer is a shop manager at Little Leaf and her attitude to plants is so inspiring. Her photography is dreamy and we regularly feel sad we don’t have an overflowing window ledge of plants too.   
  • wool.n.jungle – Fiona is that happiest of places on a venn diagram: plants, knitting, and pottery. Her account includes her own plant and knit life but also trips to places like Kew. Fiona is absolutely living the dream!  
  • leighkiyoko – This account is by Erin Kobayashi who not only inspires us with her plants but also her interior design house renovations! Erin has also been posting really thoughtful and thought provoking stories around inclusivity that echo a lot of what’s being explored publicly right now in making communities. A definite fav.  
  • prickldn – owned by Gynelle Leon (@bowbelle for her own account of pure baby and shop joy). This is London’s first cacti boutique and her book, Prick is a bestseller we happily stock . A definite account to watch out for new plant trends, styling tips and to treat yourself to a plant occasionally.  
  • urbanjungleblog – An account that hosts peoples urban jungles from all over the world. Established by Igor Josif and Joelix, this has become a community for plant lovers who like to share digitally too. A very inspiring account.  
  • studioplants – This account by Jeannie Phan is really seasonal and practical. Jeannie is very active in her stories and constantly making, growing and fermenting. This is a truly green account we find really encourages us to work a little harder to make our plant life suit a more green approach to life in general.  
A group of avocado plants, on a shelf. The roots are visible in the glass vases.
  • nelplant – Nelson lives in Ghent and has one of the most incredible avocado plant collection we’ve ever seen. Really we follow for #avogang updates if we are truly honest. The other plants are just the cherry on top.  
  • studio.roco – This is the design studio of Caro and Rose, the authors behind two of our favourite books in the online shop. What really makes this account worth a follow is the amazing places and fellow growers that the pair visit and feature. Also, interior design fans will adore this one. It’s super stylish.  
  • botanicalwomen – Another round up account we appreciate from the tags #botanicalwomen and #girlswithplants. This one has a diverse range of people who identify as women represented and it’s good to see a wide age range included here too. Plant life from all walks of life that really grabs our attention.


An account we love is @blackwithplants that features growers, house lovers and botanical enthusiasts who identify as black. Like many online communities, finding diversity can be tricky and we’ve appreciated finding many new to us black owned plant businesses, writers and online content creators to educate us about plantlife. Look out for the tags: #blackwithplants and #growthofbecoming. Others we mentioned above are: #avogang, #girlswithplants, #botanicalwomen, and #urbanjungle.

Image of a woman with black dreadlocks and light brown skin standing on a balcony holding a cascading plant in a terracotta pot. There are more pots behind her including one with a succulent plant.

Need more plant inspiration?

We recommend the Bloom and Grow Radio podcast. Host Maria Failla travels the US as a performer and on her way, records live with guests. There’s a wide range of topics covered from growing a healthy online community to lessons in plant fails.  


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