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February 08, 2019

a pile of 5 knitted shawls - all 4 from 2018 Ysolda Shawl Club plus the gloamin tide MKAL
Image from hedwigwastaken in Germany, shared with permission

In preparing for the 2019 Club, we spent some time reflecting on our goals and what we’ve achieved so far. Our clubs are usually for the enthusiast knitter, someone who wants a challenge perhaps or a sense of momentum for their year. They’re a great gift or treat and one thing we’ve enjoyed the most, is hosting a community around this annual event. With 4 shipments of yarn and pattern, we’ve had renewed opportunities to connect with knitters worldwide who are delving in to a surprise project and open to the possibilities. From the excited buzz of shipping notices to their arrivals on each continent, there’s a regular spread of inspiration and energy for knitting.

One of the best things about the club has been the wonderful, supportive community of members. You can knit along with your fellow club members and join in the conversation in our club Ravelry group. Check out the group to see some of the previous conversation and project sharing from our clubs over the past 3 years. We are always delighted when previous participants join us again for another year and help welcome new knitters to the making part of the club where we can discuss and swap ideas and techniques. 

There’s still time to join us before we send out the first shipment (Sarah has been busy with the dyepots and it’s looking good!) We wanted to share some of the experiences of our previous club members so that you can see why this time of year is so exciting for us as we ship packages across the world.

Jonrunellen from Norway has been a member of the Club every year since the start and she wrote this for us to describe why she loves the club:


When Ysolda announced her plan for a club in 2015, there was never any doubt in my mind if I should join or not. It was more a matter of ‘Yes! Bring it on’. From what I already knew of Ysolda as a designer, I knew I would like the patterns, and I would certainly trust her judgement when it came to yarn! I’m so happy that I did.

I’ve been able to try yarns that I would never have the opportunity to otherwise try. I’ve also been lucky enough that upon occasion, the club has included yarn from other indie dyers that I’ve wanted to try. This in turn has also made me braver when it comes to ordering yarn from abroad, that I’ve not had the opportunity to touch and feel before.

Another important thing is the anticipation and the waiting. Whenever it’s been Ysolda yarn month, I’ve eagerly been checking the mail box for that squishy package. Usually it touches base fairly late here in rural Norway, but nonetheless, despite having seen the pattern and teasers online on Ravelry, the joy is no less than if the yarn had been there the first day possible.

I have a 30-minute commute to get to work, and I always have yarn in my bag so I can knit on and listen to an audio book on the train. This is my personal time, a bit cramped, as the trains are overcrowded, but hey, beggars can’t be choosers, and it all adds up to about 10 hours of knitting a week. If I’m lucky, I get some knitting done during the evenings. So, within two weeks, I’ve had a gorgeous finished product!

The last, but also a very important aspect of the club, is to be able to show off my very unique shawl to other knitters online, or during knit night. The praise of others knitters is quite satisfying

Here are some of our favourite photos shared by club members recently.

Shireen is based in San Diego, although I think her photo was taken during a holiday trip in Canada

Maho, a club member in Japan has a beatutiful feed - we love this photo of the beginning of her Fornjot.

One of my absolute favourite things about the club is when people post their pets appreciating the packages — it's such a thing and it always brings me joy! -Ysolda

Pets also like to "help" with blocking. Yarns spun by John Arbon seem especially popular with cats!

To join us for the 2019 club, please visit our online store, here.

For 2019 we'll be returning to the format of the 2017 & 2016 clubs, with a range of accessory projects instead of a fully shawl-focused club. Each pattern will be matched with a limited edition yarn created specifically for the club. The yarns will include a variety of natural fibres with a focus on wool, and you'll receive a combination of natural undyed skeins and ones custom dyed in-house in colourways created by Ysolda.

The club yarns will remain exclusive to the club for at least 6 months after the shipment date. Accompanying each package will be an exclusive pdf pattern designed by Ysolda. Patterns will remain exclusive to the club for twelve months after the release of each pattern.  

We have just released Phobos, which was the first pattern from last year's club.

View this post on Instagram

We just released the Phobos scarf / wrap pattern from last year's club as an individual pattern. Find it on ysolda.com and Ravelry. I loved designing and making this one — it has an interesting modular construction, that begins with a centre-out square and grows in both directions. The other end has a cross shape that's effectively the chevron shapes that make up the square arranged pointing inwards instead of outwards. The solid colour highlights the texture and I love the simplicity but there's also lots of room to play with coloured stripes here and I'm eager to see what you come up with. The subtly heathered grey yarn was spun exclusively for us by @jarbontextiles — if you loved Blend no. 1 you need this heavy laceweight sister yarn in your life. The good news is that we just added a limited quantity to the website & you only need one 150g skein. Links to the pattern, yarn and some photos of my tiny prototypes are in my stories. If you missed out on last year's club there are still spaces available in this year's — we'd love to have you! . 📷 @kateo_sullivan thank you to @frothybadger for being such a beautiful and fun model! More details in stories ☝️ #2018ysoldaclub #2019ysoldaclub

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Some club members had great comments to share about knitting Phobos last year:

nicki.norris said: I made this for the shawl club and it was so much fun! The construction and textural changes kept it interesting, and the end result is so wearable. I added eyelet rows which I’m proud of cos it emphasises the interesting construction.

farlizagain: I love this scarf. I wasn't sure it was long enough when I made it, but it's been my constant companion this winter. The yarn is so beautiful.

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