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Beautiful Projects – 2015 Shawl Club

December 15, 2015

2015 was a great year. Ysolda first ever yarn club focussed on shawls and club members eagerly filled their knitting needles with some great projects. The club featured custom spun, or dyed yarns unique to members, each with its own pattern. As excitement builds about next year’s club (there are more details here, and still spaces!) I thought it would be a good time to show some of the lovely shawls the club, and knitters, created.

All the patterns will be available individually to all a year from when they were first published, so you can look forward to the first shawl being released in February 2016 – not long!

This is Caer Idris, a long asymmetric wrap, as knit by Lozetteu. Caer Idris has a fascinating and fun shape, which you can see in the picture of Jorunnellen‘s version below. Her version also shows the shape and length which makes it a great one for tossing round your neck and layering.

Crockern Tor was the third installement in the club, a semi-circular shawl knit in a gorgeous lace yarn spun especially for club members by John Arbon. Pictured above are versions by IsabelES and sadtomato

Stac Shoaigh was the very first yarn and pattern to drop through members’ letterboxes, and the Shetland, Soay fibre blend spun especially by Blacker Yarns seemed to be the perfect thing for dreary winter days. Above is Elizza‘s shawl in a very beautiful location! One club member decided to use the natural yarn as a base for colour, and dyed her skein a stunning green. There are more details on SnowWhiteMama’s project page here.

©Debbie B. Chase
©Debbie B. Chase

Osebury Rock is an easy colourwork scarf, knit in the round with an ingenious way of creating a steek to form a fringe at either end. The inspiration for this yarn which was dyed by John of Easyknits.co.uk on his new Squidge base was roasted vegetables, the pinterest board for which can be found here! Above is Mr Puffy‘s stunning version, and iws‘s scarf below shows off the fringe, which I can’t wait to make when I cast on my own.

The yarn for Malton Oolite, a two colour shawl with brioche was the result of a great collaboration. Our friends at Baa Ram Ewe custom dyed their own Titus yarn in a lovely mustard yellow, and then Victoria of Eden Cottage Yarns over-dyed smaller skeins of that yellow to create the contrast. Shown above are shawls by debkmsb and finnsbydog – lovely work!

The final pattern, Lunna Voe was released last week. Although knitters are quick, there’s not been quite enough time to show you finished versions, knit up in a stunning Shetland laceweight dyed by Lilith of Old Maiden Aunt. You can keep an eye on the projects in progress here, and we’ll hopefully be sharing final shawls soon!

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