Beautiful Projects – A Project Mixtape!

I read somewhere this weekend that very few people make mixtapes anymore, which seems true, but made me a little sad! And so today I bring you a mixtape of lovely knitting projects. Hopefully for whatever type of project you wish you had on your needles, they’re be something here to inspire!

A gorgeous Hap Blanket by Patinha, just the type of thing to keep you cosy when spring is peeking at us but it doesn’t yet feel like it’s actually here!

Alsn knit her Blank Canvas during her LYS Fancy Tiger Craft’s knit-a-long, and it is beautiful. Such a great fit and the details she added are so perfect.

This adorable little face is Randamocity’s Giraffe, based on the Elijah pattern. So creative!

Making wee Envelope stripey is such a great mod, and perfect if you need to make your yarn stretch a little further. This sweet sweater was made by purlyness for her lovely little son. 

This picture makes me smile because its a little close to how Scotland feels today…sunny and bright, warm(ish, maybe) in the sun but with the wind a hat and mitts is definitely welcome! This lovely set of Cairn hat and mitts was knit by spiritjess.