Beautiful Projects – a Rainbow of Gretels

It’s amazing how different a design can look by changing something simple, like yarn or colour. I noticed this particularly in a post on the Twist Collective blog recently where they re-coloured one design and the difference is striking. And since, according to Ravelry, hats are one of the most popular projects cast on at the start of year, I thought I’d show one of my favourite hat designs, Gretel, in a rainbow of colours!

This gorgeous blue Gretel was knit by BeckyRobbins of Morning Bright Yarn.

NarcissaM made this stunning purple version.

The very smiley JuliaCoolia made a Gretel in teal.

I love CastAndCount’s cream version, knit in an alpaca and merino blend that looks very cosy! Photo by Dominic,

Lee-Annykins made a lovely red Gretel. I happen to have the exact same yarn and colourway in my stash and now lots of inspiration for it…

I love this orange version, knit by hadams. Photo is by Holli Samet.

This fresh, green one was made by CountessAblaze, and is beautifully modelled by her daughter.

I love the look of the yarn that fanciepants has used here, a natural brown alpaca.

And finally, a gorgeous pink Gretel knit by thecalicolover. Love this way she’s blocked this too!