Beautiful Projects – Animal models

Project pictures with pets are one of my most favourite things ever. My own pets though aren’t that cooperative when the camera comes out, so I love it when others manage it. So for today, here are some very photogenic pets, and some gorgeous knitting too.

It was ChristalLittleK who inspired this post – along with other Follow Your Arrow knitters I loved seeing her progress photos, all with her gorgeous little bunny!

A great Vivian that looks as if it if would work with any outfit, knit by ContinentalCat. The sweet cat model looks as if they agree, or maybe they just want to claim that sweater as their own…

Awww! Tooti‘s cat Elling looks as if they approve of her goreous Ishbel.

Salinaknits made a gorgeous Cria, and her cat Mr Boys looks proud of it too!

Another beautiful Follow Your Arrow mystery shawl, knit this time by keyinherpocket. Her pup Emi is her favourite model.

Say hello to Nellie! Here she is modelling owner maggieblueberry‘s BFF cowl. (She has the same expression my own dog gives when wearing knitwear, I think they’d be well suited as best friends…)

Such a great kitty expression, BlossomingKnits cat Mimi certainly seems to like her knitted Stuffy!