Beautiful Projects – Cadeautje

This might seem like a strange project to be thinking about in August, but my hands are itching to cast on something quick and chunky. The thrums in Cadeautje (from Ysolda’s Knitworthy collection) would also be a great way to use up some of that fibre I set aside for the Tour de Fleece, but that never got anywhere near my spinning wheel! There are so many lovely versions of Cadeautje, and so many options for fun with the thrums, I thought I’d show a few here.

This perfect little pair are amiijjang’s Cadeautje, which she knit at a smaller gauge for her nephew.

I don’t really need to say much to explain how awesome these are! Debbie made these for her husband so he wouldn’t be left out in their family’s matching Christmas outfits – the ridiculously cute photo is on SnowWhiteMama’s Cadeautje project page.

The lovely colour palette of Traceyalice’s Cadeautje makes me feel all warm and cosy, and really excited for autumn knitting.

FrauMascha’s Cadeautje are so cute, and they also have a rainbow sole. She used sock yarn held triple, and her project page very helpfully lets you know how many thrums to make for each shoe!