Beautiful Projects – Colourful toys

As some of Ysolda’s first published designs, there are many wonderful versions of Elijah, Sophie and Otto. Most are knitted up in similar colours to the original little toys, but recently the projects knitted in bold, bright or rainbow colours have been capturing my attention. The toys featured today have me reaching for my dpns, and hopefully they’ll inspire you too!

An adorable little Sophie knitted by babyjag, she looks wonderful in such a strong colour. 

I love this little Otto by DeDitte, and it’s a nice reminder that you don’t have to use dark or black yarn for the features – this paler contrast works so well.

There aren’t too many yellow Elijahs, so I love this one by LittleLollyKnits, and not just because she added a tail, which he looks very happy with…

This Sophie shows another lovely way to add colour, with some wonderful rainbow ears. Those little rabbit ears are probably the easiest of the toys to add stripes of colour to, as they’re knit straight down with just a little shaping. This adorable bunny was knit by LadyDeity.

A wonderful, truly colourful little Elijah, knitted by lkristy.

This is definitely one of my favourite Otto projects – such a great colour and he’s stuffed with wool from a farm local to his owner, pawsinthyme

And finally, a sweet Sophie knitted by sophierachael in a beautiful, strong red – gorgeous.