Beautiful Projects – Gradients

I feel like I’m seeing gradients everywhere just now, in new yarns, designs and in knitters yarn choices. I love them, and they’re a great way to introduce different colours into a project that might be a little too patterned to work with a variegated yarn but where you want something more subtle than striping. Its even possible to make your own, this tutorial from Laura Nelkin is something I’m looking forward to trying! So for today, here a few of my favourite Ysolda projects, using gradients.

Margotchien’s Hap Blanket is so striking. Her colour choices are wonderful and changing the centre to a single colour shows off the gradient even more.

Aaaaah! Here is Peridragon’s little one, delightfully modelling a wee Liesl, which I promise you, may be one of the fastest baby sweaters to knit of all time. She also knit a matching adult version that you can admire here!

There are some really stunning versions of Little Birds and its a great pattern for playing around with colour combinations. Camounjazz’s version with gradient birds is amazing!

The colour shifts in the gradient mstephanie2 used for her Pear Drop work so well with the pattern, giving a dramatic centre and a subtly changing border.

Saterdalen’s Marin shows how well a gradient can work on a side-to-side shawl, so beautiful and cheery!

We love to see your knits, both newly finished and out in the wild, so feel free to use the #ysolda on twitter and instagram so we can admire your work! And the Amazing FOs Pinterest board is a great place to look if you’re searching for even more inspiration.