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Beautiful Projects – Handspun Sweaters

August 11, 2015

One of the many, many things I love about Ravelry, is how easy it is to find inspiration. And even if that’s not something you’re short of, looking through the amazing projects of knitters all over the world is a lovely way to spend a few minutes…um, or hours!

Last month I managed to spend some time at my spinning wheel, as each year I sign up for the Tour de Fleece with good intentions, make a valiant attempt for the first few days and then get distracted by all the lovely spinning that everyone else is doing. This time round, I kept looking through projects of Ysolda’s patterns knit with handspun yarn and there so many truly lovely things I thought I’d share a couple here.

Copyright: Fancy Tiger Crafts
Copyright: Fancy Tiger Crafts

Behold! This cosy Blank Canvas was knitted by Jaime from Fancy Tiger Crafts in Denver, in some longwool roving purchased at Rhinebeck. For more details have a look at her project page here.

BrineyDeep's Strokkur
BrineyDeep’s Strokkur

There are some really great versions and colour combinations of Strokkur out there in the world, but BrineyDeep‘s is one of my favourites.  Kirstin spun the yarn, her mum dyed the contrast colours and now she has an awesome sweater that they worked on together.

  Rebecca's Handspun Sugarleaf
  Rebecca’s Handspun Sugarleaf

Some of you might remember seeing this on the blog before, it was knit by our own Rebecca but it’s so lovely I hope no-one will mind admiring it again. Her Sugarleaf by Mary-Heather Cogar from The Rhinebeck Sweater was knitted up in yarn spun during a previous Tour de Fleece. The main colour is blue-faced leicester and the blue is corriedale. Oh, and it was spun on a spindle!

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