Beautiful Projects – Handspun Yarn

Knitting with handspun yarn has to be one of the most lovely knitting experiences. I really treasure my small stash of handspun and so have been gazing with awe at all the handspun yarn created last month by knitters taking part in the Tour de Fleece. I need to join in next year! With all that spinning in mind, I had a look at some beautiful projects created with handspun yarn.

Shawls are such a perfect project for handspun, keeping that yarn round your neck right where you can see and admire it! This is Sarah V. Miller’s lovely Isbhel.

This charming Elijah was made by Sarinahl. He looks wonderful in the variations of her handspun and I love the little tusks! There are more details on her project page here.

A handspun sweater is such a wonderful thing! This amazing Strokkur was made by Cheryl Burke (the designer of Dutchess from The Rhinebeck Sweater), with fibre from sheep named Elle, Shirlee and Leroy.

Scroll Lace Scarf is another great choice for handspun yarn, and this version by frkstrik is just lovely!

And finally, a stunning handspun Gretel. Wonderful too to see the fibre, and then yarn that the finished hat started life as – this one was made by knit1spin1.