Beautiful Projects – Knitworthy 1

As you’ve all hopefully seen Knitworthy 2 has begun! Although I realise working for Ysolda makes me a little biased, I am incredibly excited about this as without last year’s Knitworthy no-one in my family would have got any Christmas presents. I managed to make six of the eight projects but started gifting them before all the patterns had been released so I wasn’t able to gather all my knitworthy projects together. Some people did though, and the resulting piles of knitting make me feel all warm and cosy.

This is IsabelES‘s incredible collection of knitting and love. Pictured are Bronntanas, Opari, Cadeautje, Dovana, Hediye, another pair of Cadeautje, Polkon, Mitbringsel and Pyukkleen.

I hope mostgladly kept a pair of slippers for herself! Her magnificent pile includes Pyukkleen, Bronntanas, Opari, Hediye and three very cosy looking pairs of Cadeautje.

These stunning Pyukkleen cowls were knit by julieti and are a great inspiration if you’re not sure about choosing colours for colourwork.

Links to all the patterns from Knitworthy 1 can be found here.

And it’s not too late to join us for Knitworthy 2! The first pattern, Liebevoll, has been released and I’m determined to finish mine before the next pattern arrives on Monday.