Beautiful Projects – Multiple knits

There are so many amazing knitting designs in the world sometimes I find it a little overwhelming. There is so much to knit, and so little time. This is a feeling many knitters share, I’m sure, and is the reason lots us don’t often knit the same thing twice. There are some knitters though that have no problem knitting the same thing again, and again, and again. Whether its to try out different modifications, yarn weights, colours or just because they enjoy it I truly admire them!

Above are rubyangelfire‘s seven incredible Vivian sweaters. Yep, that’s seven cabled adult-sized hooded cardigans. And this isn’t the only sweater she’s made multiple versions of, the Ysolda tab on her project page also shows five Laikas!

If you’re starting to fret about gift knitting, then Jaynera’s project page should give you some suggestions. She’s made 30 pairs of Not-so-tiny Slippers for her friends and family, though I hope she kept some for herself too!

I’ve posted about one of yarnosaurousLaika‘s before, but it wasn’t the only one, she’s made seven in total. You’ll notice some awesome modified versions too – boatneck, without a hood, sweater, cardigan, buttons, zip but one of the most incredible is her dress with Laika bodice (top row, second photo.) 

Auntiefona is a friend of mine, and I’ve long admired her dedication to Ysolda’s toy patterns. She’s knit a fair number of Sophies too, but thirteen Elijahs. Pictured above are just a few – she’s knit them big, medium, small and really small, the yellow one shown is knit in laceweight yarn.

And finally some lovely Ripley hats made by Taloferia. This is a pattern I really need to knit again soon. As you can see from the lovely versions above it looks great in different types of yarn, as well as stripes.

I’d love to see more examples of projects where once wasn’t quite enough. If you have some to share feel free to mention them in the comments, I love to hear people’s reasons for knitting something again and again…