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Beautiful Projects – Socks

May 24, 2016

Socks are one of those projects that knitters like to grab as the weather gets warmer, since they’re perfect for working on while travelling of for stuffing in your suitcase. An extra skein of sock yarn in your luggage just seems like a good insurance policy to me! And so for today I had a look at Hugni and Sherman projects, hopefully for something to inspire your travel knitting!

Sherman is a great sock pattern for knitters looking for something a little different… the shaping under the foot is like nothing I’ve knit before on a sock and really fun to work. This pair knit up by Melarno are a great example. 

A very cosy pair of toes, dressed up in Hugni knit by misspianoforte

This pair of Sherman were knit by crypto and the photo really shows off the foot shaping…

I keep going back to admire this project, a sweet pair of Hugni modified to fit a toddler! There are notes on elys717‘s project page if you’d like to try it too.

And a final pair of Sherman knit by deBedaare. Beautiful, simple cables in a perfect colour. 

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