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Beautiful Projects – Toys, but when a pattern was just the beginning…

March 15, 2016

Ysolda’s toy patterns seem to be much loved, by those who knit them as well as those who play with them. There are an endless number of cute projects knit just as written, but the great thing about these designs is the equally endless number of ways to modify them. Toys get outfits, tails and different features though some knitters have taken it an extra step and used the basic body shape as just a beginning, to create their own amazing creature.

Mariannem’s Sophie, turned into a cat is such a simple, sweet and effective idea. With different ears and some whiskers it’s truly transformed.

Pinry has been busy! She’s used the basic shape of the Poppy doll to create some stunning toys – a fantastic David Bowie and the superhero

Tiffer23’s Raccoon used the Otto pattern, with slightly different ears, nose, and added tail and some perfect felt features. Such an amazing face!  

I love MistyBluebelle’s modified Poppy, turned into a Coraline doll. A perfect outfit and great little details…

And finally, Robbyraccoon’s adorable monkey, knit using the Elijah pattern. She knit with help and notes from wmcurella and the result is so cute, a gorgeous cheeky face!



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