Elijah all dressed up

Back in October I wrote about some of the amazing Elijah modifications floating about on Ravelry, and finally, just before my own little one was born in February, I managed to knit a special elephant just for her.  It was the fifth I’ve made, and the only one I’ve kept!

I went with a combination of a couple of ideas — the garter stitch ‘neckband’ and ‘cuffs’, and a little stripey sweater.  It was straightforward to do, simply alternating the two colours every two rounds once I got past the garter stitch.  One technique I did use though, was tech knitter’s jogless stripes tutorial.  She describes a couple of different ways to make the colour changes invisible, I used the travelling method so the start of the round begins at the back his sweater and moved a few stitches to the left.  I picked up stitches for the arms a few rows further down the body than the patterns shows, but just so that the sleeve came out of the sweater body and not the neckband!

Alana’s Elijah is a bit littler too, I used some fingering weight merino and 3mm needles as its what I had to hand.  There’s enough left for a second one too, so I’m tempted to make this Elijah a little brother with a colourwork sweater.  (Having a baby doesn’t seem to have stopped me planning all the projects, so I’m adding it to my long, and always expanding queue…)