Elijah Inspiration

I’m fairly sure that most of you have an overflowing WIP basket hidden somewhere, and I’m definitely no exception.  My basket is in danger of exploding all over my office, so I had a little clear out.  The problem is that every project inside is something I really want to finish, not mistakes or things that didn’t work out and so could be contenders for ripping.

The oddest looking thing in my basket is a poor little Elijah head, with no body, arms or limbs.  I started him for my niece before she was born at the start of the year, but for some reason he never made it to my gift pile.  (I did make her a Sophie though!) 

But like lots of people who love this pattern, I’ve made more than one.  In fact, I think this might be my fifth?!  Each time its been exactly to pattern, with no changes.  But its a pattern that lots of people have made adorable additions to, so I had a look around Ravelry for some inspiration.

I love the addition of fabric and hand stitching on Spootnik’s Ellie .  So cute, and I’ve seen this done with the inside of the ears too.

There are lots of little elephants that people have kept warm with
sweaters, but I love the way heliospheric’s Percy II has garter edgings
on his jumper, and orange is such a good colour for him! 

I love the pale grey of lisachristie’s Eloise (I’ve never made one that wasn’t blue before!) and the little dress and bow is so sweet. Have a look at her other pictures on Ravelry, her little outfit crosses at the back and she has a tail.

Ingvild’s Ship O’Hoi Elijah is definitely one of my favourites.  Her Elijah has little trousers as well as a stripey sweater, and the scarf is adorable.

My problem now is that after looking at all the cute versions, I have so many ideas that finishing the one in my knitting basket might not be enough.