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November 22, 2020

Are you looking for the perfect gift for the knitter in your life? Or are you looking for ideas to send to friends and family as a less than subtle hint? Maybe you want to find something to send your beloved craft group friends? Luckily, there are a huge variety of makers and small businesses creating goods and tools that would make beautiful gifts, and after a browse though we have lots of ideas for you! (It was a struggle not to order everything for ourselves, but we want to share…!)

Homes for your projects

Project bags are always a great gift for crafters, and it seems as if knitters can always do with one more. The range by tanniecasey include tote bags, project bags, small pouches and coin purses (which surely knitters only ever use for stitch markers!) are just lovely. Every bag is hand crafted and stitched using beautiful prints and fabrics. Find the etsy shop here.

Knitting kits

A hat knitting kit in a paper bag, sitting beside 5 balls of yarn in yellow and greys.
A hat knitting kit in a paper bag, with the hat hanging from the wall behind by a clip and 6 balls of yarn piled in front in blues and neutral colours.

Our range of ready-to-make knitting kits cover hats, mittens, cowls and sweaters and include the pattern and all the yarn you need to get started as soon as you unwrap it. Choose from a range of colour palettes hand-picked by Ysolda and you could be wearing your new favourite knitwear in no time. Our blog is also full of tutorials to guide you through some of the techniques. Find our range of knitting kits here. We've also put together a handy gifts page, filled with things from our store we'd love to receive ourselves. View the full selection here.

Pin it

Designed by the lovely people at Stephen and Penelope, their range of pins will help you proudly display your passion for your craft, and with style. We adore them all, but their ‘knit all the things’ and ‘brioche pup’ pins are our favourites. Find them all here.

For shawl wearers and knitters

Two green leather cuffs laying flat, and a third curled in a loop sitting on top.

We swooned when we came across this leather shawl cuff by Birdie Parker Designs. Each cuff is made and dyed by hand, and is the perfect things to keep hand knit or crocheted shawls in place. It works with all yarn weights - simple wear your shawl as usual and then snap the cuff in place around the ends to secure it. Genius! Find out more about them here

Something for menders

A wooden darning loom and it's open box laying flat on a grey surface.
A model holds a burgundy sock while darning it with teal blue thread, using a wooden darning loom.

Do you know someone who likes to mend their clothes, but can find it a bit fiddly? Maybe they have a growing pile of clothes to mend? Our sweet darning looms made for us by Katrinkles would make the perfect gift. We’ve heard so often that having one these little gems makes the mending process one to look forward to, instead of letting that pile grow. It gives beautiful results and is perfect if your recipient likes visible mending. Our darning looms are here. Need some mending thread help you get started? We have that too!

Try a new craft?

Many knitters enjoy other crafts too, and our range of cross stitch kits from Junebug and Darlin are 100% handmade and provide all of the supplies needed for you or your gift recipient to create a finished cross-stitch from first stitch to framing. View the range here.

For the perfect finish, or the perfect swatch

A wooden board marked with holes in diagonal lines over the surface, with blocking pins laying at the right side.
A wooden board marked with holes in diagonal lines over the surface, with blocking pins laying at the right side.

We know that blocking your knitting is like watching magic happen, but we think it would be even more incredible with one of these stunning blocking boards from Tribe Yarns. Beautifully hand-crafted, these boards have been made from locally sourced and sustainable beech, and given a smooth and waterproof finish with mineral oil. It would be brilliant for blocking squares, hexagons, hearts and other small knits like hats. Order one here.

Art for knitters

A print of a knitter from the shoulders down sitting cross legged and knitting a green scarf on straight needles. Next to the framed print are houseplant in pots.

We’re all hoping for an art print in Emy Lou Holmes. This art print is perfect for knitters or lover of all things woolly. This print is part of a series of illustrations inspired by different hobbies from baking to swing dancing. Gift cards are available too! Find her full range here.

Hopefully this gives you some ideas - it certainly gave us plenty! Perhaps sharing this blog post across your social media could be the biggest hint of all!

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