Gloamin-tide MKAL

Cast-on June 25th

What are you planning to knit this summer? How about joining me for a fun, easy-going shawl mystery. Summer is for staying outside until late into the evening, even as the light fades, a chill descends and you need something cosy around your shoulders. Join us for an easy-going mystery shawl that's perfectly suited to take along wherever your summer adventures lead you. When you’re done you’ll have a lovely, big shawl to wrap up in for the rest of the summer.

Sign up now at a special early-bird price by purchasing the pattern on Ravelry. The first of 6 clues will be released on June 25th, and you’ll receive them as weekly pattern updates. We’ll be adding more information about swatching a week before the cast-on date so you can get ready together.
You’ll want 3 100g skeins of fingering / 4ply yarn — you’re looking for subtle gradients rather than strong contrast. Anything marketed as a fade set should work great! Speckles and some variegation are just fine.


I used La Bien Aimee Merino Singles in Flora, Doe and Fauna. It’s so pretty, and picks up my favourite colours from a long Scottish evening. Love it? La Bien Aimee dyed a bunch just for us — order your set here.

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