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by Laura Chau March 13, 2020 1 min read

Granton is worked in pieces from the bottom up, with tidy cabled decreases along the back shoulders. The bound off edge of the front wraps over the top of the shoulder to meet up with the back, for a tailored fit that looks great.

Grey sweater against a painted white background, ready to join the front and back shoulder of Wardie.

Ready to seam the shoulders and pick up for the sleeves? Here's our photo tutorial for joining the shoulders on Wardie - Granton is worked in exactly the same manner, just a bit thicker!

Shoulder seam is held together using clips while seaming.

After seaming the shoulders, the sleeve stitches are picked up across the front and back armhole and worked flat. Since the shoulder seam sits towards the back, the center of the sleeve isn't right over the seam. Short rows are used to shape the shallow sleeve cap - here's our tutorial on working wrapless short rows.

Sleeve stitches are picked up around the armhole. The center of the shoulder is offset from the seam.

Pick up your Granton pattern and Gilliatt yarn pack and start knitting your perfect sweater!

Save this tutorial for later on pinterest!

Save our post about how to join the shoulders and sleeves on Granton.

A Chinese-Canadian woman with glasses smiling at the camera.
Laura Chau

Laura is a Canadian knitter, designer, and editor.

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