Gretel & free pattern updates

I’ve just emailed a pattern update to everyone who purchased Gretel. If you didn’t get the email, bulk emails with attachments look rather suspicious to most filters, and want the updated file let me know. Alternatively the update is that there was a round missing in the pattern immediately before the last 2 rounds. The last 3 rounds of the pattern should be:
Next rnd: (p1, k1, ssk, k1, p2, k1, k2tog, k1, p1) to end.
Next rnd: (p1, k1, ssk, p2, k2tog, k1, p1) to end.
Next rnd: (p1, k1, ssk, k2tog, k1, p1) to end.

I’m so sorry that it has taken me so long to update the pattern, stupid cold brain! It seems like quite a few people worked this round without really thinking about it just because it fitted.
Anyone purchasing the pattern from now on will get the updated file automatically.

I’d love to see your finished versions. You can add your photos to the flickr group here:

Thank you to everyone who has purchased the pattern, it took forever to copy and paste all those email addresses!

I’ve also updated all the free pattern pages, hadn’t realised that they were so messy since the host move.