December 06, 2020

Handmade Christmas ornaments can be used and remembered each and every year which is part of their charm. It’s been obvious just by walking down the street that for those of us who celebrate Christmas, the decorating has been starting a little earlier than usual. The twinkling lights and wreaths are deliciously cosy on these cold days, but what we love most is how many crafters use this as an opportunity to celebrate their making, and incorporate some handmade into the festivities.

A circular wooden ornament is being hand stitched in a snowflake motif with brightly coloured threads. It lies on a table in front of a tree with fairy lights.
A close up of a wooden ornament shaped like a knitted hat with pom pom, stitched with pink threads.

Are you planning to add some hand made decorations this year? Social media is full of great inspiration using every craft and material you can think of, whether it’s wreaths, hanging tree ornaments, or a little bit of whimsy to decorate your home. There’s something about small actions creating small, adorable projects that really speaks to us at this time of year. Is everything feeling a bit frantic? Sometimes the focus of a little, easily achievable project can help sooth, with the bonus of a handmade-with-love decoration to admire too.

Some of our own favourite handmade decorations are thanks to Katrinkles, who provide ornament blanks. These ready to go ornaments can then be hand stitched by makers everywhere. Since we started stocking them a few years ago, everyone on the team has their own versions, and recently we asked our knit designer friend Nidhi if she’d like to share in the handmade ornament love and stitch some of her own.

A hat shaped wooden tree ornament is held in hands as it's stitched with brightly coloured threads.

We don’t know a single maker without a scrap basket, and this is the perfect chance to reach in, pull out some leftovers (perhaps of a past project you love) and create something from well, almost nothing. Play around with colour and texture and make something lovely while having a lot of fun at the same time. Everyone wins!

A selection of wooden hanging ornaments lie on a flat surface next to a wicker basket, and a pile of brightly coloured threads.

We all love to experiment with colour, and try out different combinations. The though can be a little daunting though when you're about to start on a garment, or really any other knitted project (knitting isn't the quickest craft around!). The small canvas of a little ornament could be just the thing to try out something new, or stretch out of your usual colour comfort zone a little.

Wooden hanging ornaments shaped as mittens, a circle and a snowflake have been hand stitched through holes in the wood with brightly coloured threads.

There's no need to put your beautiful ornaments away once the festivities are over. If you've made something and you love it, then use it! Try attaching them to project bags, ​hang from sticks as part of your decor, or gather them in a little basket to admire year round.

Wooden hanging ornaments that have been hand stitched in bright colours are gathered on a wooden surface, with fairy lights and a tree blurred behind.

If you’d like to stitch some of your own, there’s still plenty of time! Find our range of Katrinkles ornaments here, gather some thread or scrap yarn and find a little time to play.

Stitchable ornaments from Katrinkles

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