Long-tail tubular cast on

For years this little poorly lit video was my only technique video, and although many people have found it helpful I’ve always meant to re-do it. Let’s not talk about the plans I had then to do a whole series of videos!

We’ve been working on making the tip videos for the kal, and it seemed like a good chance to do this while we had things set-up. Its not perfect, but I hope you’ll find it clearer – at least until I come back and re-do it on schedule in 2020 (typing that number is a bit terrifying!). 

As I write this Bex is completing the set-up for our improved, improved video studio so we can shoot the final kal video. Can you believe the knit along is almost done? It’s gone super fast but I’m very excited to see the finished shawls. We’ve totally taken over this room in my mum’s house (thanks mum!) and somehow I ended up with all of this equipment and a forest of tripods. We have the enormous luxury of being able to leave this set up for a while, so if you have any video requests I’d love to hear them. I know there are a gazillion tutorial videos out there, but there has to be something you haven’t found or want my take on. I think we can safely call this a technique thursday thing a series now – maybe I’ll even manage to write some blog posts during the rest of the week!