Meet Poppy!

She has a brand new red dress, with buttons.

buttoned up

She likes flowers, especially the smell of roses


but it is just a little bit scary when they’re even bigger than her!

giant flowers!

She loves to snuggle mousie,


but can’t wait to have a friend called Madeleine to play with!

next doll

Thank you for all of the wonderful name suggestions, it looks like you all have names picked out for your versions. The doll pattern will be part of the little collection I’m working on, and although it will be a while before it’s totally ready I promise it’s coming together. And after that I think it might be fun to do a collection of variations on the basic doll with a stuffed wardrobe full of clothes patterns. I mean other than the sweater collection I’m also working on, did I mention that? I’m quite excited to get back to those sweaters when the wee things are done.