My 2013 Rhinebeck Sweater — Aunt Fred


We’re frantically packing and taking care of loose ends before Bex and I fly across the Atlantic tomorrow, but amidst all of the lists and the folding I’m trying to finish up my sweater for this year. I’m making Pamela Wynne‘s design from The Rhinebeck Sweater, using a soft orange for the dyed yarn instead of the olivey gold Pamela used. There’s no way I can pick favourites from the book, but this is the one that seems like it will fit most easily into my current wardrobe. I’m hoping to get the steek cut tonight, since steeking isn’t terribly travel friendly, and then I’ll just have the nice easy ribbed shawl collar for the plane.

We’ll see if I can make it! I took these pictures yesterday afternoon and I’m a couple of inches higher now, so it might be possible. I’d better go get back to the packing.

I love the way the seamless set in sleeves are defined by working the column of decreases in the main colour, and the way the decreases switch direction to shape the armhole curve on the body and the sleeve cap. 

p.s. For those of you who have pre-ordered the book and are coming to the festival Bex is writing you right now with pick up info but the short version is that we’ll be hanging around immediately after the Ravelry meetups on Saturday and Sunday with our boxes of books and a list (please, please make our lives easier and contact us by Thursday at if you’d like to pick up your book!) If you’d like to purchase a copy of the book at the festival Green Mountain Spinnery will have copies at their booth.