My Rhinebeck Sweater

A quick reminder about this afternoon’s livestream event  where I’ll be chatting about my new book, The Rhinebeck Sweater , and answering questions. I know it’s hard to come up with a question when you know nothing about it but if you’re not able to tune in and watch at 5:30pm GMT / 12:30pm EST and there’s something you’d like to know please ask away in the comments here. 

My mum told me off for not including myself in the list of contributors on the poster, but I thought it would go without saying that I have a pattern in the book. Just to reassure my mother here is a preview of my sweater. Most of the garments are waiting for Rhinebeck at my friend Erin’s house (shipping a box of sweaters across the Atlantic multiple times is too much for my nerves, never mind the budget!) but I have mine so I’ll be wearing it later on. 

The eagle eyed among you will wonder about the ice on the ground — I ran out of time to shoot my own sweater at the festival, and it’s hard to photograph yourself. So this was taken in January at a darling little sheep farm just across the river from the fairgrounds by the talented Thea Coughlin.  

p.s for the livestream event you will need to login, you can use a facebook login or sign up for free with your email address but you may wish to do that in advance. If you can’t make it though don’t worry, I’ll upload the recording here afterwards.