Needle Storage

We’ve moved things around since this look inside the studio. There are a lot more books, and packing supplies in here now, and it is not as neat in as it was on that day. Although I do plan on doing the spring cleaning while Ysolda is away. We’ve always meant to share how we store the circular needles here in the studio and I figured this was a good time since I asked what your storage solutions are for the giveaway this week

Circular Needle Storage

All the circular needles at the studio are stored in a DVD case, Ysolda spray painted it when she first got it. 

It’s great for sorting the needles because you can just pull out the sleeve for the size you need (or sizes for swatching). We have it sorted by length, the colour coding and then by size. Even though it’s nicely sorted doesn’t help when all of the 3.75mm have gone missing, where do they all go?

Storage of craft tools at home

While I was sharing what we do at the studio I thought I’d show you how I store my tools at home. I recently bought my own place and haven’t finished putting up shelves (there are piles of books everywhere) so I’m only showing you half of my cutting/craft table — I totally copied this idea from Ysolda. I love that it’s easy to raise the table to a comfortable height for standing and cutting and the trestle legs provide a nice shelf for storing boxes on.

For my circular needle storage I use a Namaste Circular Case and the Accordion Case from Chicken Boots. Even though you can’t tell from these photos, my needle collection has outgrown the Namaste Circular Case, and I’m thinking of getting a smaller version of the DVD case we have in the studio. When I go travelling I just fill up my Chicken Boots case with the needles I think I’m going to need. The rest of my knitting and other craft supplies are stored in the Kassett boxes from Ikea.

Yarn and knitting project storage and organisation is a post for another day….

Don’t forget to share your storage idea for a chance to win some Chicken Boots of your own on yesterday’s post.