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So what’s inside Little Red?

May 13, 2011

We’ve approved the book files for printing and our wonderful printer is bringing in a night shift so that they can run the presses constantly until the books are printed. With this milestone reached it seemed like time to tell you a little more about what’s actually inside the book. The 7 sweaters (well, 6 sweaters and a tank) you’ve probably already seen. But although each pattern is super detailed with as much info as I could think of to include, they each run to only about 20 pages. That’s a lot, but it means they only take up about half of the 264 total pages.

The first half is focused on providing you with a sort of tool kit for sweater success. I talk to many knitters who aren’t sure about trying sweater knitting, or have been put of by projects that didn’t turn out as they hoped. A project like a hat doesn’t take a lot of commitment in terms of either time or money. While you might be happily dreaming about how cute you’ll look in it while knitting, if it’s more shower cap than French glamour you probably know someone else it will work much better on. Clothes shopping can be hard enough when you get to try things on before purchasing. Making your own clothes requires something of a leap of faith even as it gives you the possibility of creating exactly the style and fit you want. It’s my hope that Little Red in the City will be your reference for achieving that, making sweater knitting fun, exciting and much less risky.

Getting to the end of this blog post involved a lot of scrolling, but it’s only a tiny peek at what’s inside the book. If it sounds like it might be useful to you you can order it here.

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