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May 14, 2019

When a community holds a member to account it is not to pursue them unto ruin — it is to allow them a chance to reimburse their good standing Grace Anna, “To Owe An Apology”, Unfinished Object

On 3rd May we published a blog post titled ‘Gilliatt Sweater Roundup’. Our intention was to celebrate this new yarn line that’s just been added to the online store by showing designs offered in this yarn. We wanted to show the yarn knit up in garments so the drape and character of the fabric created could be seen. As a team we wanted to only include designs that were inclusively sized both in terms of measurement and the intended amount of ease the garment is to be worn with. However, in presenting this, we were insensitive to what was being highlighted: a lack of those sizes needed.

Expressing frustration when it was not ours to express meant we received a thoughtful and honest message saying that a reader and customer felt hurt. This was never our intention and yet we know all too well that intentions, however well meaning, can hurt. After some discussion as a team (and with this kind person), we would like to offer a post that celebrates inclusive patterns (and those designers) for garments that would easily work with Gilliatt and any similar worsted weight yarn.

If you click on the pictures, they link to each design's Ravelry pattern page allowing you to check out other people's projects and further details.

Antler Pullover (Jan 2019)
Tin Can Knits

Red haired, light skinned woman in a cream coloured cabled pullover, back to the camera. Cuddled up to her is a brown haired light skinned girl in a brown version of the pullover

A pullover follow-up to the popular Antler Cardigan, this seamless sweater is worked from the bottom up with a yoke full of cables that’ll pop in Gilliatt. 28 sizes run from babies to adults.
Finished chest measurement from 18.5” to 60.5”.

Melynda Bernardi

Image of an olive skinned woman with dark hair in a braid, standing next to a window. She is wearing a navy jumper with an all over contrast colourwork pattern.

Colour work sweaters for everybody! This two-colour pullover is knit in the round from the bottom up with raglan shaping, and is sized from babies to adults.
Finished chest: 20” - 60”, 16 sizes, 1-3” ease for child’s sizes, 4-8” ease for adult sizes

Laura Chau

 Image of a light brown skinned woman with black hair wearing a blue cardigan which crosses over at the front and is held by a single button.

A seamless raglan cardigan with overlapping fronts and one button closure or optional I-cord ties. A subtle diagonal texture pattern is worked on the body, along with integrated I-cord and garter stitch edgings. Long sleeves feature deep garter stitch cuffs and a center garter stitch panel.
Finished chest: 30.5” - 59”, shown with 2” negative ease

Bristol Ivy (written for Jill Draper Kingston)

Image of a brown haired, light skinned woman wearing a cardigan over jeans. The cardigan is grey at the top and brown at the bottom with a colourwork transition between the colours. The buttonband is brown.

A gorgeous cardigan from the inimitable brain of Bristol Ivy, this detail-filled project features lots of couture techniques, including steeking, sewn-on button bands, and afterthought pockets.
Finished chest measurements of 35” - 62.75”, 12 sizes, shown with 6” of ease.

Anj Medhurst

Image of a light skinned woman with grey hair standing in front of some winter trees. She is wearing a grey sweater with a red yoke - the yoke has deep ribbing in red and then a geometric colour work section in red and grey.

This graphic pullover is worked seamlessly from the bottom up, with balloon sleeves and a slip-stitch mosaic yoke detail.
To Fit Chest: 28-30” up to 60-62”, 9 sizes, 1-3.5” ease

Laurel Cardigan
(free via Knitty) Amy Christoffers

Image of a fair skinned woman with dark brown hair, wearing a textured grey cardigan with a cable detail at the waist. She is sitting on a pallet with more behind her. 

A casual fit cardigan or jacket with an interesting side-to-side construction and a chunky horizontal cable. Free via Knitty.
Finished chest: 36” - 60”, 7 sizes, 3-6” ease

South Bay Sweater
Sam Lamb

Image of a light skinned woman with brown hair in a plait.She is wearing a purple cowl necked knit sweater, with a garter stitch detail on the front. The sweater gathers under the bust.

A raglan pullover, worked seamlessly from the top down with an inset garter panel and three-quarter sleeves. There are 2 style options for finishing the neck.
Finished chest: 31.5 - 61”, 9 sizes, 0-2” ease

Kat Riddell

Image of a light skinned woman standing in front of a white wall. She is wearing a dark blue cardigan. Her left hand is in her red brown hair.

A squishy moss stitch cardigan knit from the top down with extra-long seamless set-in sleeves, deep ribbing, and patch pockets.
Finished chest: 33” - 66”, 12 sizes, 2-6” ease

Benjamin Krudwig (from Twist Collective) 

Image of a light skinned man and woman in front of a body of water. The woman is wearing a blue jumper with red edging and the man is wearing a yellow jumper with grey edging. The jumpers have a textured stitch pattern.

A textured chevron stitch adds interest and warmth to this bottom-up seamless raglan. Options for three-quarter or full length sleeves.
Finished Chest: 31.5” - 58.25”, 7 sizes

Elizabeth Doherty

Image of a woman with her back to the camera, in front of vegetation. She is wearing a dark purple textured cardigan with a shawl collar.

This sophisticated cardigan (with integrated pockets!) is worked from the top down in a variety of texture stitches to keep you interested. The lush shawl collar is worked in brioche stitch.
Finished chest: 36.75” - 60”, 10 sizes, 3-6” ease

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