Sweater kal prizes

In my last post, announcing the knitalong, I mentioned prizes and here's what you could win. Of course, getting a sweater you really love that loves your body back is a pretty great prize too! 

Having an online store means that it can be hard to share with you just how special the yarns we choose are — nothing beats actually feeling and knitting a yarn yourself. So we thought it would be fun to put together a little selection pack for trying out and swatching yarns that might be new to you. 

3 winners will receive a swatching pack which includes mini skeins (15 to 20g, plenty to knit a decent sized swatch or two) of 8 of our favourite yarns plus a set of exclusive sweater stitch markers made by Katrinkles featuring my sweater designs. 

One prize winner will receive the swatching pack, stitch markers plus a £50 gift card to www.ysolda.com.

And the grand prize winner will receive the swatching pack, stitch markers plus a £100 gift card.

Yarn colours may differ from those shown but will include yarns from Julie Asselin, Rauma, Hillesvåg and yarns we'll be launching soon like Einrum and Nightshades.

Prize winners will be randomly drawn by April 3rd from finished projects posted to Ravelry and tagged ysoldasweaterkal. See my last post for full details on how to join in. No purchase necessary. Have you decided what to make yet? 

Don't quite share my enthusiasm for swatching? Wish yours were more accurate? Our next knitalong post will be all about getting more accurate results from your swatches.

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