wee Liesl’s out in the world

Even after this many patterns and lots of editing and testing it’s always a bit nervewracking to release a new one. Will it have somehow morphed into instructions for a garment with three sleeves and a tail? Will everyone hate the way I worded things? Will the numbers look like we were drunk when we made them? There are so many little details that go into a pattern so it’s always reassuring when finished projects start popping up — and so encouraging if the knitter’s have positive feedback on the pattern (negative feedback is helpful too!) So I’ve been excited to see wee Liesl’s begin to appear on Ravelry for those reasons, but also because they’re just so cute. I thought you might like to see them too. 

Raveller Treeseeker just finished this one, and her adorable daughter is modelling it. She had this to say about the pattern: 

The instructions are very clear, and I love the presentation of the pattern. The rhythm of the stitch pattern makes this a very quick knit. I’m ever so glad that Ysolda decided to size this down for babies, and I know that I’ll be making at least one more for my own little girl.

HaleyKnit’s wee Liesl has snaps and mismatched buttons — adding snaps under the button is such a great idea to help make dressing a squirmy baby (are there non-squirmy ones?) easier. 

This one from L’espace Tricot is so sweet and pretty, I love the shell buttons. 

The simple feather and fan pattern works well in a variegated yarn too; I always think those work better in stitch patterns where the rows aren’t straight across. 

See more finished and in progress wee Liesl’s on Ravelry.