Working in pattern while increasing on Laika

Hi I’m Rebecca I’ve been working for Ysolda for the past few months. Helping out not only with the book, but with things in general.
I know there has been some confusion on working the yoke section for the Laika cardigan. Hopefully these labelled photos of the beginning of the Laika yoke will help clarify how the yarn over increases are incorporated into the mesh stitch pattern.

I’ve taken a photo of the first 5 rows of right front and sleeve of the size 30. The photo is labelled twice first with how the stitches were worked on the previous right side row and then showing how the stitches are to be worked on the next right side row.

*Not shown is an increase row when the three stitches before the faux seam stitches are meant to be ‘yo, sl1 k2tog, psso, yo’ in this instance they must be knit to avoid having two yarn overs in a row. Yes this will mean that in some sections along the faux seam there will be 6 knit stitches followed by a yarn over, but on the next right side row these stitches will be incorporated into the mesh pattern.