Yesterday I made a sweater, today I met the perfect wearer

I wouldn’t exactly recommend knitting a sportweight pullover in a single day, even in the smallest of sizes, but I now know that it can be done. I even managed to do one or two other things, and it didn’t quite require sitting on the sofa all day. The problem now though is that I have a comparison point between what I can achieve in my usual extremely dis-tractable state and that kind of focus!


Spurred on to make just one more sweater while the newest member of our team is such a freshly baked model. Bex and I got to meet her today, and oh Saz, she is the sweetest – and so good at her job! I thought you might like to see some her work (although these are hastily chosen and completely unedited pics).

I think she liked it. The yarn is Jill Draper’s Mohonk, perfect squishy cormo goodness and the design is my own, pattern to come.