A slightly different birthday sale

If you’ve been following me for a while you might know that every year I do a birthday sale — for the last few it’s been a percentage discount based on my age. After last year we were joking that I’d be 30 forever, at least for that discount. This year though we’re mixing things up a little more. 

I know we’re not alone in feeling deeply rocked by the events of the last few weeks. Honestly, it’s tough to feel like knitting patterns are very important, but I know how much our therapeutic craft, and more importantly our caring, outward looking community means to so many. And so this year on my birthday there will still be a discount for you but we’ll also be donating an equivalent amount to two organisations doing work that is very close to my heart: Stonewall UK and the British Red Cross Europe Refugee Crisis Appeal. 

The sale will run while it is July first around the world — noon on Thursday in the UK until noon on Saturday. For the first time we’ll be including both individual patterns and books ordered on this site or my Ravelry store. If you’re in Europe your books will be shipped from the UK and if you’re elsewhere they’ll be shipped from the US. 

Use the code ‘sharethelove’ to receive 33% off your order. We’ll take care of splitting 34% of the total price equally between these two organisations. And maybe we can all feel a little bit like we’re participating in a desperately needed group hug.