Beautiful Projects – Holiday Knitting

Knitting is such a great hobby for holidays – perfectly portable and relaxing (hopefully!) I know many knitters spend longer planning the holiday knitting than packing their suitcase. My holiday knitting tip is to make a small start on all your projects, in case you haven’t already. It’s not pleasant to sit down to work on something only to find that you don’t like the fabric, the pattern, or you have the wrong needle etc. And always pack an extra skein of sock yarn, you know, for emergencies…! Here are a few projects that were all worked on during a holiday to give you some inspiration.

A stunning Hap Blanket, knit in just six days by bagheraa for a friend’s baby. Beautiful! There are more of her knits, and her lovely cat on instagram.

Liesl‘s a great one for knitting on a trip, and even better if you manage to finish it and wear it home! This lovely sweater was knit by violetmagpieknits, who you can also find on instagram here.

Mitts are good option for holiday knitting too, and Veyla have a little lace for when you can focus, and stocking stitch for when you can’t. This gorgeous purple pair were knit by Tracy Vincent.

Shawls must be one of the most common holiday projects (I think I’ve knit Damson myself on two different trips…). This Damson was knit by Lilith of Old Maiden Aunt during a week-long stay in Paris, lucky lady!

I love the colour of this Ishbel that theknittingsquid knit on her trip, so cheery and dramatic!

And finally, another Damson. Treehouse-Nisse says that she bought the yarn and pattern during a trip to Dublin and cast on in the park by Saint Patrick’s Cathedral. It sounds lovely!