Beautiful Projects – A little bit of contrast

Happy new year! Hopefully everyone is starting to recover from the holidays, and the gift knitting… Now that mine is finished (almost) I’m looking ahead to things I’d like to knit this year. My eye keeps being drawn to projects that use a little pop of colour for an edging, or a pocket or some other small detail and I’m trying to figure out ways to use up little bits of precious leftovers in bigger projects. So for today, here’s some inspiration featuring work by knitters that have done just that.

Pockets are one of the most wonderful places for a little pop of colour. This Cria by Sommerfuglen is a great example, and I love how she’s carried the red into the amazing buttons. 

Aaahh! This adorable little Elijah was made by shadystoll, and the contrast feet are perfect…

Liesl is a great sweater to introduce a contrast edge, since the stitch pattern continues right to the bind-off and using a different colour for the hems can give a lovely definition. This version was knit by MandaCrafts

Such an interesting use of a contrast yarn! Mkbourn used a variagated yarn to work the edging chart section of Marin, and a solid for the garter stitch body of the shawl. It really shows of the scalloped shape of the edge.

This is a really lovely subtle one, a contrast colour for the looped edging of this Damson, knit by RunGizzy. A contrast shawl bind-off is a sweet way to finish, and not just for when you run out of yarn!…