Beautiful Projects – Cruden

Surely everyone has a favourite or dream sweater design, that they haven’t got around to making yet but hope that one day will take its place in their wardrobe. Cruden is mine. Like lots of knitters I find choosing colours one of the most challenging (but exciting) parts of starting a new colourwork project, and the knitters featured today have done a great job. While I settle on the colour palette and swatch for my own vest, here are a few versions we love!

And if you’re looking for some advice on choosing colours, we have an excellent guest post from Felicity Ford which could help…

Nahie19 has made one a truly lovely Cruden, using a similar palette to the original but switching the colours around a bit. Using more of the yellow gives a lovely contrast.

Natural browns and greys with a pop of blue is one of my favourite colour combinations, so this Cruden by ardnass is one I really wish I had in my wardrobe. (It would go with everything else…!)

Katrushka’s version has a really interesting modification – she’s used a variety of different colours for CC6, the pop of colour in the centre of the larger motif. Such a lovely idea! 

This is another one of those projects that I have dreams about – Cruden with a wonderful colour palette and turned into a sweater. This amazing version was made by auchnagaoith

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