Beautiful Projects – Back Panels

Hello, sweater weather! It’s been lovely to reach for cosy wool sweaters over the last couple of weeks, as well as plot for new ones. I realised that lots of my favourites have back panels – I think because they’re usually fun to work, and can be like carrying around a little secret that tells the people behind you that your sweater is awesome. I had a look at some of your projects that demonstrate this, though of course, the fronts are amazing too!

Cahoots was published in Twist Collective and was one of Ysolda’s favourite sweaters to knit. This version by BexB is stunning, and her approach to knitting the perfect fitting garment is truly inspiring – it’s well worth having a look at her project page if you’re looking for tips on adjusting a pattern for your own measurements.

Another beautiful, fresh looking Cahoots, this time knit by susieQ75. Such a great button choice too!

Pumpkin Ale from The Rhinebeck Sweater is probably most my most favourite, and worn, knitted thing. diutu’s version is amazing, and her gorgeous pup seems to approve too. (I can’t resist a project photo with a pet….)

Ishnana is such a versatile cardigan – the bank panel is lovely but with options for different fronts its easy to make it your own. I love nettlefly’s Ishnana is a semi-solid green. It shows off those incredible cables and somehow gives the texture more depth at the same time. 

Another Pumpkin Ale, knit by akimboknits is a truly amazing blue. 

And finally, a pumpkin coloured Pumpkin Ale knit by ysabelh, who you can also find online here. The perfect sweater for autumn, I think.