Beautiful Projects – Coraline

Coraline is a sweater that just makes me think – ‘aaaaah.’ It was one of the first sweaters I knit, (and I’m slightly embarrassed that I even remember this), but it was also what I was working on the first time I met Ysolda. She appeared behind me and said ‘ooo, you’re knitting Coraline!’, and I blushed. Lots of you seem to love it too, and there are some beautiful versions, as well as great modifications amongst your projects. Today I thought I’d share a few of my favourites.

This stunning, gentle yellow version was knit by HomespunLife

A most perfect match of buttonloops thread to yarn! As discovered by ChristinaJensen… 

The stocking stitch body of Coraline is a great way to show off a special yarn, like agnesvandebeek’s amazing handspun. 

I love how well the folded hem works with a shorter sleeve, like in this lovely sweater by VMagnus, it’s so flattering and such a great fit! 

The pattern works well with a more variegated yarn too, showing off the colours in the body and yet the smocked stitch gives enough texture to stand out. This lovely version was knit by YarningToCreate.

Such amazing stitch definition! This beautiful blue Coraline was knit by lollia.