Beautiful Projects – Holiday Knits

I can’t believe its nearly the end of the year already! If you’re a knitter who celebrates Christmas I hope you have your feet up and are relaxing with some selfish knitting surrounded by a pile of finished gifts….ha! Unlikely, but just in case, here are some lovely Christmas knits to make you feel festive. 

You might still have time to make one of these! Ysolda’s Last Minute Stockings pattern is quick one in chunky yarn. I love these versions made by alicewangyiwen who used some amazingly neat duplicate stitch for the initial, heart and tree at the top.

This Ripley hat was knit by Jejune as a gift, and the contrast lace edging is so effective!

This looks like an epic project! Otismurph used the Last Minute Stockings pattern as a guide to knit them up for her whole family. She has great notes with all the details of her modifications in case you’d like a similar looking fireplace next year.

This is such a lovely project – Lexxy knit an Elijah for each of her children and gave them cute distinguishing features to suit each child. From left to right say hello to Julia, Noah, Tufty and Snowball!

SnowWhiteMama’s lovely Cadeautje have been on the blog before, but they are so incredibly festive I had to show them again! She knit the pair in the middle for her husband so he wouldn’t be left out of their annual tradition. Her notes have some really helpful notes, and a lot of adorable excitement as she worked on them!