Beautiful Projects – Knitworthy 2

If you’ve been spending the last fews days celebrating, I hope you had a wonderful, relaxing time. And if you were knitting gifts until the very last minute, I hope you managed to finish, or at least not feel bad about wrapping unfinished projects with the needles still in like I did last year. (Just ask my mum, and Bex!)

Hopefully the projects from Knitworthy 2 made you and your loved ones happy, and so for today, here are a few of our favourites from this years’ collection. I hope you all have a wonderful new year!

Suloinen was one of the quickest projects in the collection. Teacosy’s extremely cosy looking version was knit in just a couple of days. 

3pommes lovely Carino was knit in a gorgeous laceweight silk.

Daphne Ruben knit up a quick Suloinen in my most favourite colour, and then knit up some amazing cuffs to match!

This Cúram knit by IggyLinda shows off the crown shaping beautifully.

With its interesting and clever construction Kærlig was one of the most popular patterns in the collection. This pair knit by Jessicablake are so elegant. (The picture is from instagram, where you can find her as mittsnmasonjars.)

Liebevoll is a really fun project if you love working cables but are looking to try out some new techniques. This stunning version was knit by mawie.

Hugni might have been the last pattern and so fairly recently published, but that hasn’t stopped there being lots of lovely projects to look at! This lovely festive pair were knit by rubin.

Another Carino, this one by sidselfbachman was knit in a lovely merino, cashmere and silk blend that makes me wish I was on her knitworthy list…

The colours sisterknit chose for her Saudade are just beautiful, and she made it to match a Carino!

And finally, winyang’s Hiraeth shows the cable pattern beautifully. Her saffron version makes me want to knit another one, but for me!