Beautiful Projects – Marin

Although it might seem at this time of year that everyone is focussing on sweaters, it’s always going to get to the point where your (or my) knitting bag gets a little big to carry around. I still always have a shawl on my needles and next up is Marin – one of my favourites. I’ve made this a couple of times but am yet to have one to call my own, so it’s time to fix that. I had a look through some projects for some colour ideas and as always there was a lot of inspiration!

I absolutely love this earthy green of Strikbibliotekar‘s version.

I feel a green phase starting in my knitting! I couldn’t stop looking at this gorgeous version by oharethey.

This rich teal Marin by arcjgw has such a lovely sheen, and sits so beautifully it reminds me why the ones I make keep getting stolen (ahem, I mean, gifted…) 

Such a delicate version by MissLC

And finally, SaraHenningson‘s lovely Marin, and such a great yarn choice to show off that squishy garter stitch but still give definition to the edging. Wonderful!