Beautiful Projects – Autumn

Does anyone else find their eye and needles drawn to particular colours at different times? For me its all about the seasons. Every year at this time I plan projects in the beautiful colours of the changing leaves outside my window. There is so much inspiration for autumnal projects so for today, here are just a few.

Flip-tops are one of those perfect knits for autumn – cosy when you need it but you can set your fingers free when it’s a little less chilly. I love this pair of Snapdragon Flip-tops by swayinglights

Such a beautiful,  autumnal orangey red in this Rose Red hat by Grace Rebesco. So lovely a rich tone I can’t really decide what colour it is!

More mitts – such a delicate pair of Veyla. The colour is autumnal enough, but this design also has the little detail of lace leaves. This pair were made by superjuana.

Copyright: Duncan Hill
Copyright: Duncan Hill

Little Birds is one of those designs that I’d love to make one day, there are so many amazing versions and colour palettes. At the moment though, this is one I wish was in my wardrobe, made by Sonjers.