Beautiful Projects – Strokkur

As I write this, I’m wearing two sweaters and a shawl, indoors. It’s most definitely sweater weather and Strokkur is one of our favourites. Mine is looking a little worse for wear after two years of constant wear and an accidental washing incident, so a new one is at the top of list. It’s a pattern too that lots of knitters have modified in some way, by adding steeks (and our friend and designer Miriam Felton wrote a post for us on how to do this), different cuffs and finishing or even including extra contrast colours. Here are a few of your lovely projects to inspire, or make you feel a little warmer, if you need it.

There is so much to love about this version – I love the contrast colours, hood and of course, the steek and zip. It was made by swayinglights, who has included some great notes on her project page in case you’re tempted to do something similar.

BeginswithaC’s Strokkur is more straightforward, I love the more natural shades combined with the bright colour pop. 

Turning Stokkur into a cardigan is quite a popular modification, and looking at this amazing sweater by Strokkur (yes, that’s her actual Ravelry name!) I can see why. Her version is such a perfect fit, and wonderful with buttons.

Carriert0ne knitted up this lovely Strokkur, more similar to the original but with a lovely warm orange providing the contrast. 

This more unusual colour combination is a striking one, and just right for walking in the woods, as SplitStitch demonstrates!