Beautiful Projects – Monochrome

This is going to see like a bit of a contrast with last week’s blog post, full of the colours of Autumn. But when we noticed a stunning finished Cruden on Ravelry this week, knit up in black, white and greys, it made me look out for more monochrome knitting. Black isn’t a colour we knit with often but as you can see the results can be stunning, and so dramatic.

Photo: Christoper Lewis
Photo: Christoper Lewis

This gorgeous pair of Veyla mitts really are going to co-ordinate with every outfit! These were made by lauramichelle, who blogs at

This shawl was made following the clues of Follow Your Arrow, by knitdstrbr, whose blog you can find here. It has a lovely sheen in yarn of merino and silk, which she naturally overdyed after knitting with logwood.

This Cruden gave us all a little sigh, it’s such a beautiful knit. It was made by tammykins as a Shetland Wool Week project and was also her first ever steek!

A Hap Blanket, knit by the marvelously named Cinderella. A pattern with a stripe like this one is such a perfect canvas for a dramatic yarn contrast. 

This black and white yoke of this Chickadee knit up strokkur is amazing, giving her a sweet blackbird sweater… 

Black is such a dramatic colour for lace, and is going to work with every outfit and occasion. This lovely Ishbel was made by drkittycat

And finally, a cosy Strokkur knit up by Terdotty. If I had that in my wardrobe I’d be smiling too!