Briar Rose

The sun finally came out for a little while today so we took some photos. Summer doesn’t seem to be coming, but these at least look summery.


This second version of the bolero was basically to refine some issues with the fit, but style wise the major differences are in the two different yarns I used and the different border patterns (both will be included in the pattern). The Lana Grossa Royal Tweed I used for this version is a bit thicker and much less drapey than the Noro Cash Iroha I used for the first version (Oh my! I took that picture at the beginning of April?!)


Thought it might be interesting to see how quite a different effect can be achieved with the same design by changing the yarn. The pattern for this is actually almost done. Just need to add some pictures of the pink version and some illustrations.


Won’t be working on it tomorrow though because I’ll be teaming the dress in these photos with a gown that’s almost certainly going to drown me. I’m sure I’ll have some silly graduation pictures to share. After that I have some new projects in the works that I’ve been meaning to share.